“Excellent product! The mini shot belt is more than expected. The belt is sturdy. The mini bottles fit well in the belt. I used the belt to our college get-together and I became an instant “star.” It’s also a perfect gift for my brother. I gave him two belts and he simply loved it.”

Daria M.

“I ordered the 12 shot belt for my colleague. The quality of the bottles is excellent, he said. He loved the fact that it fit in his 34-inch waist. Yes, he’s skinny and we thank him for that. What’s really important here is that the mini liquor bottles were beautifully-made. I would order again. But this time, they will be for me.”

Shapiro C. 

“I love the light camouflage 24-shot belt. I wore it while attending my friend’s bachelor party. And yes, I became an instant center of attention just passing shots to my friends and acquaintances. They love every bottle. And I like the fact that you can refill the bottles.”

Myka V. 

“I was hesitant to order because the belt might not fit the waist’s recipient. Thankfully, when he received it, he was jubilant! I bought the mini shot belt and tailgate party bottles. He thought he’d never use it. But he tried wearing it during a get-together party and everyone was amazed. They never thought something like this existed!”

Gary K. 

“Okay, I bought the tailgate party mini shot belt with bottles. I didn't add alcohol to them. I just used the mini bottles as part of the cake decoration. The mini bottles are just the right size bottles. They were exactly what I needed. And the recipient loved them. Surely, I would buy one or two for myself.”

David C. 

“The packaging was perfect. I bought the mini liquor bottles and they were wrapped in a well-decorated box that protected the bottles. The box was perfectly labeled “fragile” so when it got delivered to my doorstep, it wasn’t damaged. Thanks, Mini Shot Belt for this wonderful product!”

Joshua M. 

“I know it’s a mini liquor bottle but I used the bottles to fill with, not just alcohol, but also hot sauce. The bottles were for my wedding gift bags. I put my own label over them. They were easy to fill. When you close the bottle, it snaps closed and seal. Thus, each bottle looks like it has never opened before.”

Christie K. 

“I thought the special event bottles would leak. But they didn’t. I used them more than once and they still work. They’re not cheap-looking bottles. I love refilling them with my favorite wines, sauces, and vodka. I use the bottles every time there’s a party at home so my guests would only use a little. Excellent bottles, btw!”

Jason A. 

“This is my second time ordering from Mini Shot Belt. I love their customized liquor bottles. I use them to fill my homemade hot sauces. The little bottles are perfect for giving away samples to my family and friends. Because the caps don’t leak, I can ship them anywhere.”

Cherrie G. 

“I bought 5 12-shot belts last holiday season. I gave them to my friends. They thought I’d encourage them to drink alcohol again but they found other ways to use the bottles. I have my own 24 shot belt and I use it to refill my favorite wine and champagne. I wear the belt every time I go out hiking with my family.”

Harry M. 

“I bought tailgate party bottles for a company that makes hand sanitizer. They used the mini bottles to fill them with hand sanitizer and they were given to the public. I would buy more because the bottle caps don’t leak. I’ll be using them for my homemade spices.”

Caroline P. 

“Thanks for shipping the mini liquor bottles Mini Shot Belt. I love every bottle. They are useful and look durable. I dropped one of the bottles that I refilled with alcohol. I thought it would break but it didn’t. It only shows that bottles are made of high quality. Thank you, guys!”

Darlene Q. 

“I bought the 24 shot belt so I have something to drink while I was camping with my friends. I didn’t want to bring a heavy bottle of vodka so I used the bottles to fill them with my favorite alcoholic drink. My friends got jealous of me because I looked so prepared with the belt.”

Carrie B. 

“I thought it would be difficult to refill the mini shot bottle but I was wrong. The bottle has an easy-to-pour spout. I just used a small funnel to prevent wasting or spilling a drop of my favorite vodka. I also bought the 12 shot belt to gift to my friend last Christmas. He loved it!”

Peter M. 

“I read some reviews about mini shot bottles that leak. But these ones from Mini Shot Bottle don’t. The bottles are regular little liquor bottles that you find on an airplane. They don’t leak, at all! Contrary to what reviewers are saying. The caps screw on nicely and safely. I’ve been using them for more than 20 refills now and they are still working great! Thank you, guys!”

Mariah M. 

“Received it very quick….love it will work perfectly for a lot of fun times!!”

“Really cool mini belt! THNX!!”

“Rec 10-8-09.extremely fast shipping. cool item. just in time for the party :-)thank U. “

“Awesome belt! As described! All my friends wanted one too thankss”

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