What is the Purpose of Mini Bottles of Alcohol?

Small or mini bottles of alcohol are popular during a tailgate party. These miniatures are peculiar to some. Despite their uniqueness, their popularity is constantly growing. What really attracts people to these bottles? 

The Handy Mini Bottles

They are small. Thus, they are handy. Even if you go for a hike, you can still carry some bottles in your liquor belt and drink them at any time. You can easily put them in your pocket, too, or your backpack. 

For Tasting 

Many liquor companies make small portions of alcohol for tasting. They can distribute it during an event so people can taste the new flavor. It would also encourage people to buy small portions of an unknown drink to know its taste and evaluate whether or not it’s for their liking. They can avoid buying a large bottle just to taste it. 


These mini bottles can also be made for those who wish to collect liquors without having to invest in large bottles. And if you’re an enthusiast, you can buy them to have an impressive collection. 

For Parties 

If you’re hosting a party, you can buy empty mini bottles and refill your favorite alcohol. Or you can concoct an alcoholic drink, fill the bottle with it, and send your guests with this bottle for the road. You can place the mini bottles at the door so they can grab one on their way out. Make sure to complete the bottles with custom labels, so they won’t forget you. 

mini bottles


The empty bottles aren’t just for booze but you can also fill them with salt and pepper. You don’t have to buy those kitchen shakers. Garnish your Gibson with black pepper from the shaker made from these empty mini bottles. 

As a Gift 

Many love to receive tulips, daisies, and roses on Valentine’s day. But your recipients will be more thrilled if you add these mini bottles filled with their favorite liquors. However, even though roses and mini bottles are great, you can make it greater by arranging a beautiful gift basket. You can get fancy with fake flowers or just add more mini bottles. 

Decorate Your Cake 

You might find some bakers adding mini bottles to their creations. It has become a trend. And if you wish to try them, you can buy the mini bottles from Mini Shot Belt and customize them. Then again, the bottles can do much. For the recipients to appreciate the cake, you need to put more effort into the decoration. Make sure that it’s well thought out. Other times, though, these mini bottles can enhance the cake decoration. 

Where to Buy Mini Bottles? 

Various shops sell them. However, if you want customized bottles for whatever purpose they may serve, then consider talking to us. We can design your mini bottles for any event. Email us your vision or please dial (818) 668-7184.
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