Top 5 Mini Shot Drinks to Have for a Party

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What’s a party without drinks? Right? But if you’re worried that your guests will get drunk, try serving mini shots. They are minuscule bottles that can give your body enough alcohol but not more than enough to make you intoxicated. But what drinks can you fill your mini bottles with? 

Mini Shot Drinks to Have for a Party 


It doesn’t matter what party you’re having. Be it a go-away party, a reunion with your friends, or a wedding celebration. Beer is your safest bet. Most of your guests can tolerate beer. You can serve dark or light beer. Or you can have both to ensure that you have something that suits the taste of your guests. If you can grab a locally crafted beer, then that’s an excellent choice. 


Unfortunately, not all people enjoy beer. If you don’t know the alcohol preferences of your guests, then make sure to serve alternatives to beer, such as wine. It’s a great option, especially if you’re not serving a full meal. You can choose red and white wines. Or you can have sparkling wine or champagne. 


It’s a refreshing drink. This simple drink is a staple for any get-together. You can mix gin and tonic and fill the mini bottles with this mixture. When you serve each bottle to your guest, make sure to hand him / her a lime garnish. 

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This is another must-have drink when you’re having a party at home or wherever. Vodka is a popular liquor and you can mix it with soda water if you wish. But make sure to serve a sealed bottle of vodka. Keep in mind that when the seal is broken, vodka will oxidize because of oxygen and light. Look at the bottle of vodka you wish to serve. If it’s discolored, it’s no longer good to drink. Thus, don’t attempt to pour it into the mini shot bottles. 


Your guests can enjoy it on the rocks or mix it with water or soda. Whatever their choice is, you’re guaranteed that your guests will appreciate you serving a bottle of scotch to your party. Or in your case, mini bottles of scotch from your mini shot belt. 

Where to Shop for Mini Bottles? 

Serving mini shots to your party is the best way to enliven your boring party. But where should you buy them? The mini shot belt doesn’t only sell belts but also mini bottles. When you browse our collection, you’ll find 50 ml plastic bottles that are made from high-grade plastic. The bottles are practical for any kind of occasion. Whether you’re hiking with your friends or camping with your family, these bottles can hydrate you whenever or wherever you are going, as long you fill them with liquid. 

Our mini shot belt can hold 24 mini bottles. It’s perfect for any party — be it a wedding or a special event. If you wish to know more about our mini shots, please visit us here. 

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