Top 5 Mini Shot Drinks to Have for a Party

mini shot
What’s a party without drinks? Right? But if you’re worried that your guests will get drunk, try serving mini shots. They are minuscule bottles th...

Mini Shot Bottles Can Make the Best Gifts

mini shot bottles
  Our mini shot belt with mini shot bottles can be a perfect gift for your friend or someone you love. Your recipients are likely to expect gifts ...

Make Your Vegas Trip Amazing with a Mini Shot Belt

shot belt
  Are you planning to go to Vegas this weekend to have fun with your friends? If you are, then you might be thinking of bringing huge bottles of l...

Filling Your Mini Bottles with these Affordable American Beers

Filling Your Mini Bottles with these Affordable American Beers
A Tailgate party is a great way to show your friends you like to have fun or just want to hang out with your neighbors. One of the things to consid...

Mini Shot Belt for Parties or Road Trips

Mini Shot Belt for Parties or Road Trips
Are you attending a party where you need to bring your drinks? If you are, then you might wonder how you are going to carry several bottles for tha...

What is the Purpose of Mini Bottles of Alcohol?

mini bottles
Small or mini bottles of alcohol are popular during a tailgate party. These miniatures are peculiar to some. Despite their uniqueness, their popula...

Can a Liquor Belt Save Your Boring Tailgate Party at Home?

liquor belt
Hosting a tailgate party doesn’t require elaborate decorations or gourmet foods. But it does need some booze. If you don’t want to distribute huge ...

Mini Bottles to Meet Your Needs

Mini Bottles
Have you been looking for something to make your special event that much more special? Does it seem like every party or event you throw is always t...

Mini Shot Belt: Big Amounts of Classy Fun

Mini Shot Belt
Do you want to make your party a real party? Is it time to take your party to a new level? That’s what the Mini Shot Belt can do. We call it “The U...
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