Mini Shot Bottles Can Make the Best Gifts

mini shot bottles


Our mini shot belt with mini shot bottles can be a perfect gift for your friend or someone you love. Your recipients are likely to expect gifts like a set of plates, clothes, perfume, or a gift certificate. However, if you want to add a bit of fun, why not try gifting them mini shot bottles from Mini Shot Belt. 

Mini Shot Bottles as a Gift 

Mini bottles are a wonderful idea. And if your recipient is a stocking stuffer, he/she will surely appreciate the mini shots. Now, what are the things you can fill the bottles with? 

Flavored Vodka 

It’s an extremely popular spirit. Flavored vodka, no matter the brand, is a perfect drink in the morning or evening. Smirnoff, for instance, has various varieties. You can fill the bottles with Kissed Caramel, Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Citrus, and many others. Regardless of the flavor, make sure that it can help the recipients feel warm and cozy. 

Superior Rum 

It doesn’t matter what brand it is, rum is a favorite option. Every person is familiar with it. Thus, if you choose to fill the bottles for a party, then load them with rum. Your guests will surely love the small doses of rum. Each bottle can provide instant gratification. Filing the bottles with superior rum and serving them to your guests will make them feel fully satisfied. That’s because a mini bottle of rum is like an appetizer. 

mini shot bottles


If you are celebrating an event in a tropical paradise, you can’t go wrong with tequila. You can serve mini bottles with tequila and add some salt to the bottles, too, so your guests can make a perfect concoction. 

Jack Daniels 

It’s one of the best-selling spirits. It’s also the ultimate utilitarian choice. Make sure to include Jack Daniels in your list of liquors to serve in mini shots. It gets the job done in making your guests more excited about the party. 


Most people prefer to drink coffee first thing in the morning. Thus, your guests will appreciate a coffee-flavored liquor. It will get you covered. The amount is just enough to get the coffee taste in your mouth. 

Dark Chocolate Liquor 

At many parties, candies and chocolates are common. But if you want to surprise your guests, you can fill the bottles with Godiva dark cocoa liquor. Even if they don’t like chocolate liquor, they’ll start to love it after tasting or drinking a mini shot. 

The Worry of Spilling 

When you look at the mini shot belt and the bottles, you might wonder whether the bottles would spill. Thankfully, though, our mini bottles are durable enough so they won’t spill or leak. However, you need to ensure that you closed the lid properly before placing the bottles in the belt slots. 

Start Hanging the Mini Shots Around the Waist 

Our mini shot bottles are a perfect gift for your friends and family members. But you can also choose to buy them and use them to serve mini shots of various liquors during your party. Shop for our mini bottles today.
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