Mini Shot Belt for the Love of Vodka When Camping

mini shot belt

Vodka was once used as a source of medicine. To this day, this drink offers health benefits. The next time you are camping out with your friends, make sure to consider vodka. But there is no need to pack a huge bottle of vodka for your trip. Simply grab your mini shot belt and fill the bottles with vodka. 

Mini Shot Belt with Mini Bottles of Vodka 

The next time you go camping with your family and your mother sees you are packing a bottle of vodka, make sure to tell her that this drink is good for you. It is a natural disinfectant and it can clean wounds. When you are camping, it is vital to bring a first-aid kit. And if you run out of alcohol, there’s no need to worry because you already packed vodka, just not the huge bottle but the mini shot bottles that came with a mini shot belt. 

Stress Reliever 

Camping can be fun but it can also be stressful if something goes awry during the activity. To help you relax, just grab your mini shot of vodka and we can guarantee you that you will feel relaxed. Studies have shown that vodka can be a better stress reliever than wine.

mini shot belt

Is It Good for the Heart? 

We don’t recommend you drink vodka every day, though. However, this drink is known to increase circulation in the body. Thus, it can help in preventing strokes and heart diseases. It can also assist you in lowering your cholesterol. And if you are watching your weight, vodka is low-calorie alcohol that will only cause a minimal effect on your weight loss goal. 

Did You Forget Your Toner? 

When you are packing for your family camping trip, you might forget a lot of things like your skincare products. After all, you might not be able to find a place to wash your face. Thankfully, vodka can be used as a skincare product. It is a natural astringent and because of its disinfectant properties, it can help in deep cleaning the pores. Vodka is especially helpful in treating breakouts. And if you notice a pimple on your face while you are out camping in the woods, don’t freak out. Just apply vodka to treat it. It has detoxifying properties that can help your skin. 

Combating Bad Breath 

Vodka is also useful in combating bad breath. And if you are out there camping, you may not want to use your toothbrush to clean your teeth because you are preserving the water you have brought. Or if one of your members experienced toothaches, just let him/her swish a shot to soothe the pain. 

This drink is an all-around alcohol drink. It’s not just for having fun with your family and friends. But it can also be a healthy beverage that you can bring anywhere, even when camping in the woods with your family and friends. And with a mini shot belt, there’s no need to bring a huge bottle of vodka. Just fill the bottles with this drink and you are good to go.
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