Mini Shot Belt for Parties or Road Trips

Are you attending a party where you need to bring your drinks? If you are, then you might wonder how you are going to carry several bottles for that party. Well, you don’t have to. You can just wear a mini shot belt with mini alcohol bottles with your favorite beers. 

Mini Shot Belt the Solution 

You might have mini liquor bottles at home. Of course, there’s an option to just carry these bottles in your backpack. But it can be inconvenient. The better solution is to just opt for a mini shot belt. It comes in very handy when attending parties or you’re on a road trip with your family and friends. The belt will let you hold those mini liquor bottles conveniently on a road trip so you don’t have to worry about packing your liquor. 

Bottles for Your Friends 

Each bottle can contain 50 ml of liquor. With the belt, you can carry around 1,200 ml of liquor without any difficulty. Besides not carrying heavy bottles, you can distribute those bottles with your friends and all of them will get a taste of alcohol. 

mini shot belt

Will the Drink Get Spilled? 

It’s one of the common concerns of those who haven’t used a mini shot belt before. The answer is it depends on the durability of the bottles. Hence, it’s crucial to buy the bottles from a reliable source. Make sure that you choose bottles that won't spill or leak. The bottles can add glamour to any party you wish to attend. It’s also a cool way to flaunt your love for the liquor. Simply hang the belt around your waist and make the world know that you can love alcohol in moderation. 

Hang Around the Waist or Shoulder 

Although a mini shot belt is typically hung around the waist, another creative way to wear it is around your shoulder. It’s like you’re carrying a cross-over bag. You can be as creative as you want with this belt. It doesn’t matter how you carry it. What matters most is the liquor you fill the bottles with. 

What Booze to Drink? 

When attending a kick-ass party, you can fill the mini bottles with vodka, whiskey, beer, and rum. But it doesn’t mean that the mini bottles must only be filled with alcoholic drinks. The reason for this is that you can always choose to just fill them with cranberry juice, tonic water, club soda lemon juice. Or you can fill 6 bottles with vodka and another 6 bottles with mixers. Then, put those bottles in your mini belt. Hang the belt around your shoulder or waist while you have fun dancing with your friends. 

Where to Buy Liquor Belt? 

It’s easy to find a mini shot belt. Simply go to our online store and you’ll find different styles of belts and mini bottles. 

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