Make Your Vegas Trip Amazing with a Mini Shot Belt

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Are you planning to go to Vegas this weekend to have fun with your friends? If you are, then you might be thinking of bringing huge bottles of liquor. Unfortunately, though, some venues in Vegas don’t allow you to bring them inside the premises. Enter mini shot belt. It includes liquor bottles that you can fill with your favorite alcoholic drinks. 

Mini Shot Belt: Perfect for Parties in Vegas 

This is a novelty gag gift that you can get for your friends or you can just buy for yourself. And if you’re going to Vegas for a fun weekend with your friends, make sure you have this belt on your waist. Or you can carry it under your shirt. Fill the bottles with your favorite alcohol. You don’t need to worry about them leaking because the lids are secure. But before you go to Vegas and try to get one bottle from the belt, make sure that you have practiced how you’re going to do it discreetly. 

Not Just for Alcoholic Drinks 

Many people think that this mini shot belt is just for those who wish to bring mini bottles of liquor to a party. Fortunately, this belt can be versatile. For instance, you can choose to use it if you’re applying makeup to your client. In that case, this is a perfect item if you’re a makeup artist. It can hold bottles of airbrush makeup. 

shot belt

Containing Mini Shots 

This mini shot belt contains many mini shots. It means that it has small bottles of alcohol that you can carry around wherever you go. However, make sure that you only drink the mini liquor bottles where liquor is allowed. The good thing about the mini shots is that they are not as large as those actual shot glass. In that case, you won’t get intoxicated after a few shots. Then, the belt is also sturdy. It’s not a cheap toy. Instead, it’s a durable belt that carries small bottles of alcohol that you can take anywhere in Vegas

What Drinks to Fill 

The bottles in the belt can carry any type of drink. As long as it is liquid, the bottles can accommodate it. This is ideal to make a party more fun. And just because the bottles are designed for liquors, it doesn’t mean that you can only fill them with alcoholic beverages. You can just add your favorite drinks, like orange juice. You can put any liquid to it and you don’t have to worry about spillage. There are endless choices when it comes to what liquid fits the bottles.

Make a First Good Impression 

The bottles can make an impression. If a person sees the mini shot belt you’re carrying in your waist, that person will surely ask making it a conversation starter. When you visit our online shop, you can choose from a variety of mini-shot belts. Each belt can hold 12 mini shots.
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