How Mini Shot Belt Can Help Make Your Tailgate Party Truly Entertaining?

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Who would have thought that a mini belt can make any pregaming more exciting and entertaining? But how? Simple. It can hold several mini bottles of booze that you can distribute to your friends. The belt can carry 1,200 ml of liquor without any difficulty. Your friends will all get a taste of alcohol without getting too drunk. 

Mini Belt Not Just for Alcohol 

A tailgate party doesn’t always mean that you need to serve alcoholic drinks. You can also distribute soda or your favorite healthy drink. However, if you’re planning to have it in a certain venue, make sure to know the policies of the place regarding alcohol. You should know about the details during the planning stage of your tailgate party. 

Alcohol with Food 

Alcohol isn’t the most important thing at this party. Rather, the food you’ll be serving is vital, too. Thus, instead of contemplating too much of what alcoholic drinks to serve, make sure that you prepare the right food. If you’re serving meat, make sure to marinate it the night before. You can prepare burgers that you can stay between sheets of wax paper. Cook in advance corn or baked potatoes. An hour before the party starts, begin heating them on your portable grill. 

mini belt

Keep Foods at the Right Temperature 

The food must be kept at the right temperature. When you transport salads, for instance, make sure that you are using the right tray to maintain the temperature required. You may use a cool tray that can keep the food chilled for at least 6 hours. 

Set Up a Food and Alcohol Bar 

To make your tailgate party more fun and entertaining, you must set up a food and alcohol bar. Let your guests enjoy foods loaded with favorite toppings. They can pick the toppings that they want. If you are serving hot dogs, make sure to set up bowls of nachos, dips, and more chili. You can also use the mini bottles to fill them with favorite toppings. Then, fill the mini bottles that you got from with various drinks. For instance, you can fill a dozen of bottles with vodka and another batch with just soda. 

Team-Spirit Nation

To further make the party more entertaining, you can set up a team-pairing station where guests can get a free mini belt with mini bottles filled with expensive alcoholic drinks. You can award these prizes to those who know how to show off the most team spirit.


One of the issues of many people, when they think of buying a mini shot belt from us, is spilling. The mini bottles that you can get from are durable and they won’t spill or leak. The mini belt is also durable enough to carry 12 mini shots of alcohol (or anything) without fear that the belt will break. 

Where to Buy Mini Belt with Mini Bottles? 

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