Filling Your Mini Bottles with these Affordable American Beers

A Tailgate party is a great way to show your friends you like to have fun or just want to hang out with your neighbors. One of the things to consider before you host this kind of party is the drink. What beers, wines, and booze are you going to serve? Most of all, are you going to give your attendees huge bottles of beer? Or do you prefer to just serve mini bottles filled with the most affordable American beers? 

What Beers to Fill Your Mini Bottles? 

Whether you’re serving these mini bottles to your guests during the party or display the bottles so your guests can take one before they leave your house, consider these magnificent American beers to fill those miniature bottles. 

Narragansett Lager 

This is the oldest beer in New England, having been around for 125 years. Its alcohol content is only 5%. Before it appeared in the movie Jaws, this beer is already famous among alcohol drinkers.


It’s still one of the most popular brews in the US. This lager is said to be made from pure spring waters from the Northwest. Compared to Narrangansett, this beer has an alcohol content of 4.6%. 

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Lone Star Beer 

For generations, this beer has been watering cowboys and oil barons. It’s a national beer of Texas so it’s no wonder you can find it in every bar in this state. In fact, John Travolta carried it while posing for Urban Cowboy. 

Utica Club 

It's an old-school upstate New York brew. When the alcohol prohibition ended, this was the first beer to be officially sold. For many of its devoted drinkers, they call it their Uncle Charlie. With 5% alcohol, Utica Club is a must-have on your tailgate party. Make sure to fill a few mini bottles of this beer and your attendees will rave about them. 

Grain Belt Premium 

It’s the friendly beer found at Midwest bars. Brewed in Minnesota, this beer is light and crisp. You can pair it with greasy meat or pizza, making it a perfect beer at your tailgate. 

Montucky Cold Snacks

It has one of the coolest beer names. This canned lager is beloved amount beer-drinking residents of Montana. That’s why it will surely be a hit when you serve it to your tailgate guests and add it to mini bottles as tokens. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon 

It is a favorite among hipsters. And if you’re cost-conscious, this beer is a must-have. It has been voted America’s Best beer in 1893. It contains 4.74 alcohol content and a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans will only cost you $8.99. 

Where to Find Mini Bottles? 

Mini bottles are wonderful gifts for your attendees. It doesn’t matter whether you're hosting a tailgate party or your birthday, mini bottles filled with favorite beers can be a great way to express your gratitude to your guests. Buy a set of mini bottles by visiting our online shop here.
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