Do You Bring Your Own Drinks to Tailgate?

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The tailgate is a great tradition of American sport. However, it is often crowded. If you wish to make sure that your experience is a smooth one, you might want to consider bringing a mini shot. But is this a wise decision? 

Mini Shot in a Tailgate 

Bringing mini shots in a tailgate is acceptable. It is expected that you bring beverages if you are not hosting the party. The host might run out of alcohol and you’ll be left with nothing but a bottle of water. Thus, make sure to bring your beverage so you can drink your favorite alcoholic drink while partying with other sports enthusiasts. 

What Kind of Beverage to Bring? 

No party will ever be complete without a cold brew. However, it is a mistake if you bring liters of beer to a tailgate party. Kegs are typically banned from campus. The rule also applies to beer posts and other items that will encourage rapid alcohol intake. That’s why it is better to just bring mini shots of alcohol to prevent drinking too much. 

Even if you host the party, you can serve the mini shots or single-serving cans. You should also consider non-alcoholic drinks, like hot coffee or cocoa. And make sure that you serve a killer dish. In that way, people can forget about drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages. 

It is also vital that you serve or bring game-friendly alcohol. But don’t bring a glass of wine bottle. It is prone to dropping and breaking and you don’t want to have that issue. In addition to a mini shot, you can choose canned wine and cocktails. They are available everywhere. 

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What Food to Bring? 

Any type of food is acceptable. However, if you are going to bring food that is stored in a sealed plastic container, make sure that you make something more. For instance, if you bring chips, make sure to make salsa. 

On the other hand, if you’re going to bring beef, make sure it is cut in smaller sizes. Slapping a 4.50-kg rib is good but it takes a lot of time to roast it over the coals. Furthermore, it requires extra dishes, time, and tools to prepare the meat. Even though this party is about the grill, roasting big meat is not conducive to too much effort in cooking it. 

Instead, choose to make hot dogs and well-done burgers. These will make you a grill master in the eyes of hungry guests. You can also make sandwiches. But make sure that they include user-friendly fillings. So, go for slices of sauerkraut. 

Bring Garbage Bags 

Tailgates can be full of trash. Thus, it is good manners to help clean up the venue. Treat the area as if it were your own house. Thus, in addition to bringing mini shots to a tailgate party, make sure that you have bags where you can put the trash so you can throw them at designated areas after the party.

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