Do People Get Drunk at Tailgate When You Serve Mini Shot?

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A tailgate party involves a lot of booze. We all know that if a party is full of booze, it can spell trouble. Can a mini shot help? Will it help in stopping people from getting drunk at the party? Let’s find out here. 

Serving Mini Shot at a Tailgate Party

A study finds that 8% of adult fans were drunk after they attend pro baseball and football games. Thus, if you are hosting a tailgate party or if you wish to attend one and don’t want to get drunk, then you can just carry a mini shot belt with mini bottles filled with your favorite drinks. Now if you are hosting a tailgate party and you don’t want your attendees to get drunk, then serving mini shots can solve the issue. Each attendee will just get approximately 100ml of alcoholic drink. It’s enough to stimulate their stomach without them getting intoxicated. 

The Purpose of Tailgating 

This party typically occurs hours before the start of a sporting event. It can happen outside the stadium or at home. Strangers can become friends as they converse in an informal atmosphere. This tradition started with American football games. It has become popular today because of the football games. Tailgating is also one way for fans to save money on food and drinks.

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Spending Time with Your Friends and Family 

A tailgate is one of the best ways to spend time with your family and friends before any game. You can catch up on old times. Share your mini shot with your old friend while you’re watching games on TV or just enjoy good food. However, people say that to make the party more fun, alcohol must be present. But not just alcohol, good food, too, should be served. Then, playing high-beat music in the background will also trigger the fun at the party. 

First Time Attending a Tailgate Party? 

The goal of this party is to provide the guests with food and drinks to fuel up for the game. The party can happen in a parking lot near a stadium. Or it can also happen at home in your neighborhood. Now, if you want to attend this party and you wish to bring your alcoholic drinks, then the mini shot bottles can do the trick. You don’t have to bring huge bottles to the party. Just fill the bottles up with your favorite alcohol before you leave. Some of the people at the party will wonder where you get those bottles from. And that’s a start of a friendly conversation. 

Should You Bring Your Own Food? 

A tailgate party involves food, too. It can be free. But if you want to be sure, you can bring your own chips so you won’t starve. Now, if you’re ready to please the guests in a tailgate party you’re planning to attend next time? Make sure to check out our mini shots here. Or opt to buy our mini shot belt.
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