Can a Liquor Belt Save Your Boring Tailgate Party at Home?

Hosting a tailgate party doesn’t require elaborate decorations or gourmet foods. But it does need some booze. If you don’t want to distribute huge bottles of liquors to the partygoers, try giving them mini bottles from your liquor belt. Do this especially if your guests are getting bored. 

Set the Mood with Liquor Belt

You can get everyone pumped for the party by wearing a liquor belt and giving the early birds a small amount of booze. The alcohol can help them get the feel of the party. However, if they are not into alcoholic drinks, try giving them mini bottles of cola. They’re going to love it. 

Keep Guests Comfortable 

Temperature can drop drastically when the sun goes down. If you’re planning to continue the party until dawn, then make sure to keep your guests warm by offering them a basket with woven throws. Or you can offer them cold-weather blankets. 

Use a Mobile Cooler 

You don’t need the standard plastic cooler to chill your drinks. If you have a clean wheelbarrow, use it as a mobile cooler. This method can free up your car’s tailgate space in the back. in that way, you have ample space to serve food or offer guests more areas to sit and relax. 

liquor belt

Provide Enough Seats 

You don’t want your party to be too small that you can’t accommodate all people you have invited. Each guest must have a place to sit. Whether the party is inside or outside, providing seats is vital to the party’s success. To create viewing pods, try to group a futon with a few chairs. Or you can also ask your guests to bring their lawn chairs. 

Have Some Games 

To further enliven the party, make sure to add some excitement with ages, like horseshoes or ladder toss. They are perfect to fill time, especially if you’re hosting a tailgate party while watching football. To ensure your guests will be involved, set up a mini-tournament. These games can also give your kids something to do if they don’t like watching the game or participating in the party. 

Entertain Your Kids 

Some of your guests will bring their kids. Thus, when planning to entertain your guests, you must not forget about children. Make sure that they have a playroom where they can hang out while the adults socialize or watch the game. You may even consider renting a bounce house if you have ample space in your backyard. 

Plan the Food 

Most of the guests aren’t interested in the alcohol that you will be serving. Rather, they are more interested in your tailgate food. Thus, you have to plan it out. As mentioned, there’s no need for gourmet foods. Instead, you can go classic with hot dogs and hamburgers. 

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